I want to buy an NHS dental practice. What’s involved?

Published: 9th March, 2015

The established way of acquiring an NHS dental practice is by a procedure known as the “partnership route”. What this means is that the Seller adds the Buyer onto their NHS contract as a Partner and then retires themselves from the contract, leaving the contract in the name of the Buyer.

Any GDS contract in the name of an individual can be transferred in this way. The position is different if either the Buyer or the Seller are limited companies or if the contract is a PDS Contract.

Where companies are involved, the transfer of an NHS contract to a Company can only be achieved by a process known as incorporation. This will involve detailed negotiations with your Local Area Team in order to achieve this and there is ultimately no guarantee of success.

When dealing with PDS contracts, the partnership route is not possible. The only way to procure the transfer of a PDS contract is to apply to the LAT to change it to GDS status first and then use the partnership route.

The downside is that this also can be accompanied by a renegotiation of contract value downwards.

Where the PDS contract is for the provision of orthodontic services, the option to change to GDS is not available.

Here at LCF our specialist dental lawyers have many years’ experience in advising on the NHS regulations and their application to the sale and purchases of practices and in conducting detailed negotiations with the NHS Local Area Teams.

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