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Proposed new laws preventing suppliers terminating contracts

The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill has been published and is being rushed through the legislative process by the Government as part of its measures to alleviate the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The bill includes new insolvency processes, but significantly also includes new provisions restricting the ability of suppliers to terminate contracts or cease supply.

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Divorce during the covid-19 pandemic is not just a statistic

At LCF Law we have seen an increase in divorce enquiries, although it is not perhaps at the alarmist level reported by some law firms, with one suggesting enquiries had soared by more than 40 per cent since lockdown started. However, it’s never a good idea to dramatise statistics and the breakdown of relationships is always difficult and traumatic.

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Selling a business – where do I start?

Selling a business can seem like a daunting prospect. Even for someone with years of business experience, the sale process may come along once in a lifetime and there is no reason why they should automatically know what to do and what is involved. The process can be time consuming, energy sapping, and can place great emotional demands on both seller and buyer. But if you understand what lies ahead, and choose your advisors wisely, much of the stress and strain can be taken away.

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Do judges have a sense of humour?

Judges are not renowned for their humour or for having their “finger on the pulse”. The judge who famously asked “who are the Beatles” during the height of Beatlemania may not be representative of the modern judiciary, but the perception still exists.

Unfortunately if you are sued for copyright infringement, you may end up having to rely on the judge’s sense of humour to give you a defence.

Since 2014, it has been possible to lawfully use copyright works belonging to another person as the basis for a work of “caricature, parody or pastiche”.

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Employee Incentivisation – taking stock of your top talent

Businesses need strong teams, and strong key players, to maintain and grow the business. They will need to ensure that they don’t lose their valuable key players, particularly when they may not have the budgets to offer increased pay, benefits or bonuses.

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Alternatives to Debt Financing

Debt financing is good when you are confident about future cashflow and know you can service the monthly payments, but what if that is not certain? Right now it is difficult to forecast how long the economic impact is going to last.

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Covid-19 and Legal Documents

Many clients have assumed that in today’s world of instant communication, internet banking and contactless payments, a Will could be signed digitally with an electronic signature, but this is not the case. Moving towards the electronic signature of Wills and other legal documents has been muted from time to time but it is not as straightforward as might be thought.

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Covid-19 and your contractual obligations – where do you stand?

The outbreak of Coronavirus, Covid-19, is an ongoing epidemic and continues to hit headlines across the world. Where does this leave you, as a business, in respect of your contractual obligations?

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Employment Law Update | February 2020

Our regular employment law update has the latest news and developments in employment law. Contact James Austin on 0113 2834 046

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New civil partnership rules are a match made in heaven

Nationally recognised family law expert, Rachel Spencer Robb, clarifies some of the aspects of the new civil partnership rules.

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