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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Sensible straightforward advice about insolvency, bankruptcy and corporate recovery

The mere mention of debt and insolvency can strike fear into people, but it is not all doom and gloom. Insolvency legislation provides lots of useful tools to assist those involved in insolvency related situations.

We provide advice on every aspect of corporate and personal insolvency work.

Our experienced team regularly works with individuals, businesses, insolvency practitioners and turnaround professionals, banks, lenders and stakeholders to find solutions. We represent both claimants and defendants.

We can help you. We make the complex simple. We offer timely, practical help and advice. We are there to support you.

Services –

Winding up petitions, Statutory demands,Individual Voluntary Arrangement ( IVA ), Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) , Administration, Administrative Receivership, directors misfeasance claims, share transfers, void dispositions, preference claims, annulment applications, possession proceedings, property dispositions

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