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Charity Sector

Keeping you on the right compliance path in the charity sector

Charities, not for profit and other third sector organisations need commercial advice and support from lawyers who have knowledge of the regulatory, legal and financial constraints under which they operate. They also benefit significantly from using a team of professionals who understand their ethos.

Sometimes such organisations incur substantial legal costs which are disproportionate to the size of their resources. Even worse on occasions they do not seek advice at all which may be vital to the protection of trustees and non-executive directors (who in many cases are performing a voluntary role).

We provide commercial, realistic advice and guidance to charities, not for profit and other third sector organisations.

Services –

Incorporations, Charity formations, Not for Profit (NFP), Third Sector organisations, Charity Reorganisation, Governance, Regulatory issues, Charity Commission (CC) guidance, Trusts, Trustees, Charity Structure’s

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