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Entertainment + Media disputes

Swift, unique solutions for the fast paced Entertainment and Media Industry

Navigating your way through disputes within the entertainment industries can be a daunting prospect.

We can help to guide you through unfamiliar territory and the complex issues you may encounter by combining our legal expertise and our practical commercial experience within this sector.

We offer a wide range of services (both contentious and non-contentious) across entertainment areas including music, film, TV, theatre, computer games and other creative industries.

Whether you are new to the entertainment industries or already established we can add value with the services we provide, help you to avoid the potential pitfalls in the unknown, and help you to achieve your aims.

Services –

Intellectual Property (IP) , sponsorship disputes, Copyright infringement, Publishing agreements, P2P networks , Management contracts, Licensing of digital content, collaboration agreements; distributorship agreements, IT and media contracts, agency & distributorship agreements, Product placement, Advertising Regulations, Data Protection.

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