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Food Sector Disputes

Food industry specialisation

Growing competition, higher costs and increased compliance have led to lower margins and greater risks for businesses operating in the food and drink sector.

We regularly advise on areas such as

  • Preventing & resolving disputes – we advise how to protect your business.
  • Collecting debts.
  • Product liability & product recalls – we offer practical advice and proactive steps you can take to manage risk.
  • Compliance, regulatory & risk – we can help ensure you are legally compliant and have identified and dealt with the major areas of risk.
  • Protecting your brand – we deliver cost-effective action to defend brands from copying and other abuse.

Services –

FSA compliance, Regulatory issues, Code of Conduct, Food Information Regulations, Consumer Rights Act, Advertising law and regulation, Environmental issues, Disputes, Intellectual Property, Brand protection, Debt collection, Retail developments, Licensing

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