Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual Property, the need for specialist advice has never been more important

Intellectual Property (IP) rights can be used to protect specialist knowledge, innovation and reputation, but as these assets become ever more valuable in the commercial world, disputes involving IP rights are becoming increasingly common.

Our IP disputes team combine a deep understanding of all aspects of IP law, with many years of dispute resolution experience, to quickly identify the relevant commercial and legal issues, and to work with you to achieve your objectives swiftly and cost-effectively.

Our experience spans the enforcement (as well as the defence of  infringement claims) of patents, trade marks (including parallel importation issues), design rights and copyright, together with disputes involving related rights such as confidentiality and passing off.

Services –

Trade mark application,  Brand Protection, patents and their protection, preserving intellectual property rights including copyright, trade names, design, software, trade secrets, data protection and regulatory compliance.

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