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There’s No Such Thing as a Common Law Spouse

Contrary to popular belief there is actually no such thing as a common law spouse.

Many people believe that if you live with your partner for a certain length of time that you become a common-law
spouse, right?

Unfortunately not.

Moving into your partner’s house gives you no right to that property even if you have children together.

Also there is no obligation for an unmarried partner to financially support the other upon a breakup.

The law that applies to unmarried people is completely different to matrimonial law for a husband and wife or those in a civil partnership.

In this video, Rachel Spencer Robb breaks the myth of ‘common law spouse’ and gives us the facts.

It doesn’t matter whether you live together for one year or 20 years you need to take specialist advice to make sure that as a cohabitee you are protected.

Come and talk to us to make sure that you know your rights.


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