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Don’t Let Legal Fees Become Part of Your Problem

If you’re faced with a life-changing situation of a relationship breakdown or divorce don’t let payment of your legal fees become part of the problem.

Unless you are in one of the narrow categories where legal aid is still available it is worth paying for a high-quality expert to be in your corner.

Talk to your solicitor make sure you fully understand how charges are made.

In this video, Rachel Spencer Robb talks about avoiding late payment of legal fees and how you don’t want to let them become part of your existing problem.

Ask whether fixed or capped fees are available and exactly what they cover.

Our top tip : Be open and make sure your solicitor is too.

At LCF Law all our charges are fully transparent and we tell clients what things cost at the outset.

All clients receive a detailed monthly breakdown as the case progresses.

Don’t hesitate to come and speak to us so we can give you the support you need


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