My house is due to be let to 4 different tenants do I need a HMO licence?

Published: 11th December, 2014

Thanks Rachel.
In short, for four tenants, you won’t need a HMO licence. However, there are two types of HMO Incensing:

1) Mandatory Licensing: This relates to 5 or more people from two family groups (i.e.. Unrelated) sharing a three storey property;

2) Selective Licensing: Some local authorities may choose to employ selective licensing, this allows the local authority to protect the usage and housing demographic of a particular area (i.e.. within a conservation area etc)

We would suggest that you contact the HMO department at your local authority, or if renting to students, that you choose a reputable letting agent that specialise in students properties as they should be up to date with the local HMO regulations.

Thanks, Alex