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Charities sector

Keeping you on the right compliance path in the charity sector

We understand how charities work. We will work with the officers of the charity to ensure in providing legal solutions we have in mind the philosophy of the charity to provide practical and appropriate advice.

For charities we advise in relation to:

  • Property
  • Contested legacies
  • Will and legacy initiatives

As a firm with our staff we support local and national charities with fund raising as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility

Services –

Challenging the will, bringing probate claims, defending probate claims, challenging probate claims, Interest claims, Lack of testamentary intention, Lack of due execution; Lack of testamentary capacity, Lack of knowledge and approval, Undue influence, Fraud and forgery. Revocation, Related non-probate claims, Dealing with claims , final hearings, Discontinuance and compromise, enforcement of orders, terms of settlement, Appeals

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