Will + Inheritance Disputes

Contested Probate? If you’ve had a inheritance dispute, we can help you

Sometimes a Will excludes a family member who is a dependant or someone who should have been provided for. If this affects you, we will assist in addressing the claim and reaching a solution for your benefit either through negotiation or court process.

These family disputes can be acrimonious. We believe in Law, Fair + Square. We will be there by your side. We will find a solution. We’re great listeners and really understand your situation. We make the complex simple.

LCF Law | Legal 500 | Top tier Firm | Inheritance DisputesLegal Directory LEGAL 500 (2019 Edition) has this to say about our Contentious trusts and probate Team

With ‘business acumen and industry knowledge’ LCF Law‘s contentious trusts and probate team attracts praise for its ‘accurate and realistic’ advice and ‘good value for money’.

The ‘very experienced’ Ragan Montgomery is singled out for her ‘technical ability and engaging personality’ and heads up the practice.

Montgomery handles a full range of matters ranging from validity claims and capacity issues to court of protection proceedings.

The team successfully negotiated a £1m settlement arising from a dispute involving issues of undue influence in addition to an Inheritance Act claim.

Services –

Challenging the will, bringing probate claims, defending probate claims, challenging probate claims, Interest claims, Lack of testamentary intention, Lack of due execution; Lack of testamentary capacity, Lack of knowledge and approval, Undue influence, Fraud and forgery. Revocation, Related non-probate claims, Dealing with claims , final hearings, Discontinuance and compromise, enforcement of orders, terms of settlement, Appeals

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