Divorce + Separation

Relationship breakdown – divorce and separation

Sadly, marriage is not always for life. It is in your interests for us to work to ensure a swift resolution without court proceedings, if possible and their inherent costs. We are not here to create a war with your spouse but if issues arise that need a firmer approach, rest assured, we will fight your corner.

If you are unmarried and simply living together, you need to be aware that there is no such thing a ‘common law spouse’ and the law that applies to an unmarried couple is very different. It is vital that those who choose not to get married are aware of their potentially vulnerable position if the relationship breaks down.

Prevention is better than cure and in our experience taking time to plan and protect your assets by Pre or Post nuptial agreement, Living Together agreement, or a Civil Partnership agreement is time and money well spent. We know relationships may not last forever but we can minimise the hurt in any separation by planning at the outset.

Legal Directory LEGAL 500 (2017 Edition) has this to say about our Family Law Team

“LCF Law has a ‘well-regarded’ family law practice led by Rachel Spencer Robb, who attracts praise for her ability to ‘negotiate in a constructive manner without needless confrontation’.

The firm has capitalised on its merger with Harrogate-based private client firm Barber Titleys to provide specialist coverage of private children law issues and financial matters involving complex pension structures and offshore arrangements and whose expertise includes advising high-net-worth individuals on children cases, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and cases involving complex business or trust structures”.

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Pre-nuptial agreements, Co-habitation agreements, Divorce, Separation, Settlement of financial issues on relationship breakdown including pensions, foreign property, maintenance, children (residence and contact), contested inheritance claims

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