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Mediation + Avoiding Court

Mediation – resolution without the Court

All parties are now required to consider mediation before Court applications. The Court is a last resort. Our trained mediators can be instructed directly by both parties to a separation. They will be a neutral and impartial expert, enabling you both to have constructive discussions to resolve any of the issues between you.

Throughout the mediation process and through our extensive experience, we can provide information (although not legal advice) which will enable your own discussions to end in agreement, certainty and finality. This is a particularly useful process where you wish to remain on good terms for the sake of your children.

In most cases, you can resolve your family issues without going to court. All our lawyers have a conciliatory approach to cases and are Resolution Accredited. Our collaborative lawyers, will work with you and alongside your spouse and their lawyer to resolve the issues, promising not to go to court.

Our Info-Burst takes you through how mediation can be used to resolve issues regarding finances or arrangements for the children.

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