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@LukeSwift46 What is the repayment process for the rental deposit on my house?

Published: 22nd February, 2017

Hi Luke
Depending on the scheme where your deposit is held will dictate the process.

There are 2 differences between the schemes:

1. Custodial – the scheme provider (e.g. DPS) physically hold your deposit money.
2. Insured – the Landlord holds your deposit funds in a specific account and insures them.

If your deposit is held by a custodial scheme: your agent/Landlord will assess the property condition – they are obliged to commence a repayment within 14 days of your tenancy ending. Subject to any disputes on charges, the scheme will return any funds directly to your account.

Where the Landlord or agent hold the funds in the insured scheme, the timescale remains the same but the funds will be sent to you by either agent or Landlord.

The dispute process for both schemes is similar and all providers offer an impartial dispute resolution service.