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Holistic legal advice for family businesses

Yorkshire’s family-owned enterprises make an invaluable contribution to the regional and national economy. We have a long history of providing legal advice for family businesses and are always inspired by their incredible achievements, resilience and commitment to their communities.

We understand the ways in which family dynamics can impact the running of the business and relationships within it, and vice versa. To help with this, we have brought together a team of specialist solicitors from across our practice areas who can provide joined up legal support across all your business, family, personal and property-related matters.

Together, they can support you to make the right strategic decisions for your business and deal with the unique legal challenges it may face, both now and in the future. Whether it’s a first-generation start-up or a multiple-generation business with several shareholders, we can help you minimise risk and ensure its continued success.

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Legal advice for family businesses | Family business solicitors

For more information on our legal advice for family businesses, download our brochure to find out how we can help you to:

  • Plan for life events - by working with you to draw up a family constitution to document your business aspirations and plans for future success. This will provide for different life events within the wider context of the business.
  • Protect your assets – by supporting your family with its financial planning and help you develop a strategy for shares and trusts. This will ensure that the ownership and management of the business assets sit with the best people for the job and that they will pass into the right hands in the future.
  • Work together as a team – by helping you formalise the structure of the business, make provision for future reorganisation and develop employment contracts, as well as providing guidance on all aspects of the employment relationship. This will help to ensure that both family members and those from outside the family who are brought into the business work effectively together.
  • Deal with conflict – by taking a proactive approach wherever possible to reduce the likelihood of conflict occurring. Where there is already friction, we can help prevent matters from escalating by working with all parties to identify a suitable compromise.

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