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Corporate Insolvency Support for Companies and Stakeholders

As an individual you or your company may be struggling with debt, you may be owed money or a claim may have been threatened against you in respect of an insolvent company. Whatever your situation, our corporate insolvency solicitors can help you come to a suitable resolution.

Or you may be a creditor of the business and need to know your rights and options.

Our experienced corporate insolvency lawyers regularly work with individuals, shareholders and directors, businesses, insolvency practitioners and turnaround professionals, banks, lenders, creditors and other stakeholders to find solutions, providing advice on every aspect of business recovery and corporate insolvency work.

We regularly advise on all types of liquidations including court winding up proceedings and both solvent and insolvent liquidations, as well as company administrations, company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) and all aspects of corporate restructuring plans.

As an individual, or a director of a company, we can support your through a range of different and varied situations - often ones requiring a complex blend of legal advice including employment, property, tax and family law.

As an individual or as the director of a business we can support you in the following areas and more:

  • Restructuring advice - to help you avoid insolvency proceedings if you or your company is in financial difficulty;
  • Handling validation orders where there is an outstanding winding up petition;
  • Re-using a company name;
  • Acting for you in purchasing the business and/or assets from an insolvent estate;
  • Advising on directors’ duties; and
  • Generally giving advice and support on the various procedures and situations involved in company insolvency proceedings.

We can also help you to handle and defend a broad range of actions being taken against you covering any of the following:

  • Winding up petitions
  • Dealing with third parties who have received monies prior to insolvency
  • Advice on personal liability as a result of the insolvency of a business
  • Antecedent transactions: received payments or assets, made payments, misfeasance
  • Disputes over outstanding directors’ loan account
  • Directors’ disqualification
  • Personal guarantees

Insolvency is a highly time-sensitive issue for debtors and creditors alike. Creditors need to act quickly to recover as much money as possible from an insolvent company.

We regularly provide advice and support for secured and unsecured creditors in insolvency situations including:

  • Advising on insolvency procedures and taking action against a company
  • Advising on retention of title claims
  • Advising on rights and claims arising from the insolvency of a debtor.

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