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Family and Matrimonial Law

Relationships are complex. Couples today can be married, in a civil partnership, a same sex relationship or just living together. Partners can come from different countries or religions with different views, laws, beliefs and behaviours. Often partners come from a previous relationship with associated assets and responsibilities or they already have assets of their own such as property or a business that they bring into a new relationship.

A couple may be starting a family or, if a relationship is breaking down, they may be trying to work out how best to care for any children involved. Financial matters will always be involved - whether it is agreeing how things will operate before or during the relationship or what will happen in the event of the relationship falling apart. Cohabitation agreements and pre- and post-nuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common and relevant. The law is becoming more and more complex in response to these changes and the complexities of life today. And more and more couples are looking today to take steps to manage the different aspects of their relationship in the event of a possible breakdown.

So, whether in the early, formative stages of a relationship or trying to manage your way through a relationship breakdown, it is essential to have quality legal advice and professional and sensitive support at every stage.

LCF's Family Law team approach every client with sensitivity and understanding. We are here to help with the good things in life; for example, civil partnerships and same sex marriages. But we are also here to support you when difficulties arise, helping you through separation, divorce and with issues that arise with children

We work hard to help you find solutions without resorting to the courts; but when things do escalate and end up in the courts, we fight hard to ensure you receive the outcome you are seeking. We listen sympathetically, and we explain your options and the likely costs involved clearly.

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