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Personal insolvency services for insolvency practitioners

Our experienced team regularly works with individuals, businesses, insolvency practitioners and turnaround professionals, banks, lenders and stakeholders to find solutions.

We provide advice on every aspect of business recovery and personal insolvency work. We work closely with a large number of insolvency practitioners from individuals through to the large global firms.

We advise you, as the insolvency practitioner, on all aspects of personal bankruptcy law and the drawing up of individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs).

We provide strong commercial and legal advice from the outset of any proceedings: this can include advising on what meetings are required, the likely costs involved and dealing with creditor’s claims and proof of debt. We can draft IVA proposals as well as advising on how to handle failed IVAs and bankruptcy petitions.

We can also help you to protect and realise assets. For example, by registering restrictions that protect property or by defending enforcement actions that may be taken against assets. And we can assist in the sale of a business or assets; undertake court claims such as possession proceedings; and also deal with antecedent transactions in order to recover assets. Whenever possible we encourage the referral of any qualifying antecedent recoveries to us at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our team at LCF Law can advise on all aspects of personal bankruptcy proceedings and IVAs, including how best to manage the costs involved, the handling of creditors’ claims, blocking transfer orders, asset realisation and dealing with IVA variations.

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