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Acting for Insolvency Practitioners

We provide advice on every aspect of business recovery and corporate insolvency work. We work closely with a large number of insolvency practitioners from individuals through to the large global firms.

We regularly advise on all types of liquidations including court winding up proceedings and both solvent and insolvent liquidations, as well as company administrations, company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) and all aspects of corporate restructuring plans.

We will work closely with you, the IP, right from the start, to give you the legal advice and support needed on the various options available to you for handling an insolvent company. This includes assisting with your appointment, for example through a court application for administration, an out of court appointment, or advising on creditor voting rights in an insolvency situation.

We will also support all the other areas involved, particularly the key ones of asset recovery and dealing with the various claims and challenges that arise. This includes selling the business and/or its assets; dealing with antecedent transactions, misfeasance claims and recovering outstanding director’ loan accounts’; and void dispositions. We help deal with disclaimers, advise on retention of title, and will help you, as the IP, deal with any enforcement procedures being taken against the company.

In short you can count on LCF Law’s specialist insolvency lawyers being by your side throughout the whole process to help you navigate your way to a successful outcome.

More generally we can help validate a lender’s security, give advice on costs and creditors’ claims, apply for block transfer orders, execute variations to CVAs and extend administrations as and when necessary.

Whatever your corporate insolvency legal requirements, our experienced insolvency solicitors have the experience and expertise to help and support you - and we will do so in a practical, organised and commercial way as we understand the pressures and demands involved.

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