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A Good Divorce

Ilkley based Family Law solicitor, Rachel Spencer Robb, considers if there can be such a thing as a good divorce?

With so many reportedly acrimonious celebrity splits in the papers, many clients we encounter often wonder if there is any way to avoid going to war with their spouse with a no-fault divorce. Unfortunately, the reality in this country is that there is no way to divorce (within a two year period of separation) without apportioning some kind of blame to one party or another. Sometimes that can mean starting an already litigious process off on a difficult footing. There are ways, however to avoid what can seem like an inevitable battle by considering a few key things:

1. Get to grips with your finances
This is particularly important if your spouse has always taken the lead on finances. If you have a house/shares/investments that are jointly or solely owned they will need to be taken into account when it comes to dividing assets. Starting to familiarise yourself with bank statements and annual reports can avoid surprises later on.

2. Be realistic
A divorce marks the end of one life stage and the beginning of another. You will need to consider both yours and your spouse's realistic needs once you are no longer living together. Being realistic and taking advice about what assets you may or may not have once the divorce is finalised can help in undertaking sensible discussions with your spouse and their legal team.

3. Consider mediation
Where a split is amicable or manageable, we always advise parties to consider mediating. Many people find that this type of environment more conducive to a productive discussion with their spouse about the division of their assets.

This article was written by Rachel Spencer-Robb. Rachel is Head of our Family Law Department and is based in Ilkley.

Rachel is nationally recognised as an expert in her field by independent legal guide Chambers and Partners for the last four consecutive years.

Most recently Chambers UK (2017) stated : Rachel Spencer Robb leads the family law team at LCF Law and "works hard to deliver practical solutions for her clients." Sources consistently emphasise her skills in collaborative proceedings, particularly in relation to divorces. Peers commend her as"articulate and persuasive in meetings; she's a good listener."

For further advice please contact Rachel Spencer-Robb on 01943 885 790 or ku.oc1713748093.fcl@1713748093bborr1713748093ecnep1713748093sr1713748093

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