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A Year of Anniversaries

LCF Law Solicitors in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate & Ilkley2017 has been a year of anniversaries. Some of these have been events that most of us learnt about through history books such as the battles of the Great War and the partition of India, but others were anniversaries of events that many of us lived through in our daily lives.

16th August marked the fortieth anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley in 1977. Where were you when you heard the news? I learnt about it from the front page of the copy of the Daily Mirror that a man was reading at the next table at a Little Chef just outside Ely while on a family holiday to Cambridgeshire (never mind all this foreign holiday rubbish - sitting in the rain in a Little Chef was what we dreamt about all year).

April marked the thirty fifth anniversary of the outbreak of the Falklands conflict in 1982. I heard about this while walking to the pub with my mates from Sixth Form College one Friday evening (don't worry, I was eighteen in the March and there was no underage drinking going on). It came as a shock to our generation to find that Britain could actually be at war given that our closest experience of war until then had been watching Dads Army on a Saturday teatime.

The end of August will see the twentieth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. I was told about this by my daughters after sleepily switching on the television for them to watch on the Sunday morning in the hope of getting a little longer in bed. I was a good dad.

Going back to the summer of 1977, this August has also seen the fortieth anniversary of Geoffrey Boycott's famous achievement in completing his one hundredth century in an Ashes test against Australia. I know exactly where I was that day as I was sitting with my own dad on the West Terrace at Headingley watching events unfold. I thought a lot about that day on 11th August this year when by coincidence I found myself back at Headingley watching Yorkshire play Lancashire forty years to the very minute from the moment that Boycott completed his century.

What I thought about more, though, is how quickly time passes by. These are events that I remember as though they were yesterday but even the loss of Princess Diana is now two decades ago. This is why it is so important that we think ahead and plan for the future. In our busy daily lives many of us never get round to doing so and this can lead to real problems for us and those around us in later life.

Surveys regularly show that only around thirty percent of us have Wills. One of the reasons is that it often feels as though making a Will is something that can be put off until another day while we get on with more exciting (and less depressing) things. The trouble is that that other day often never comes. One moment we are annoying the bloke in the Little Chef by reading the Daily Mirror over his shoulder and the next moment forty years have gone by.

This is where LCF Law comes in. One of our driving beliefs is that in everything we do we should be here to make your life easier. We deal with the legal stuff so that you can get on with your daily life but we make sure that while you do so you are providing for the future too.

Talk to us today about Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and tax planning.

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