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The Ilkley Half Marathon – the final countdown

Will Elvis be appearing in Ilkley this Sunday?

With only three days to go until the Ilkley Half Marathon, I have just finished reading about a running legend from my youth and his training and race preparation...

Alf Tupper, one of the stars of the Victor comic would usually have a large portion of fish and chips before he ran! I'll check whether the Wetherby Whaler is open on Sunday morning. It'll make a change from burgers and jello!


I am raising funds for the Burley Tereli Friendship Trust ("BTFT") along with another 10 team members. This is an amazing Charity set up by Jon Snow.

Further details of the wonderful work the Charity undertakes can be found at

I hope you will be able to sponsor our team for this fantastic cause -Team BTFT fundraising page

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