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LCF Law Firm in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate& IlkleyMark Jones, Partner in the Personal Law Team at LCF Law highlights why people should choose LCF Law as their preferred trusted advisor:

It is touted that the average human being makes thirty five thousand decisions every day. That's one thousand four hundred and fifty eight decisions an hour or twenty four a minute and that does not even allow for the fact that we spend some of our time asleep. You have probably already taken ten or fifteen decisions while reading this blog (and thank you, by the way, for deciding to do so).

The vast majority of the decisions are taken subconsciously with little real impact on our lives, but there are other decisions that are of real importance and will shape our experience of life. One of those important decisions is choosing the right solicitor. Not all law firms are the same and choosing the right one to meet your needs can have a big effect on the outcome and your experience along the way.

So why should you choose LCF Law? In short, it's because life is rarely fair but we believe that law should be. We will work hard to make your life easier to enable you and your family to get on with the things that are important in life.

We listen to you and understand you and your wishes and we have a very experienced team of lawyers who are accredited members of various legal organisations and societies to give you the best chance of making those wishes come true. People choose LCF Law because we talk their language and because there are no hidden fees.

LCF Law is recognised as one of the leading regional law firms in Yorkshire. We offer fixed fees for all areas of the work we undertake and we have established our reputation by embracing the three e's which are the core of our philosophy and strategy:

Experience - The members of each of our teams have many years of collective legal experience enabling us to give you advice based on our having provided solutions for many people in similar situations.

Expertise - We have specialists in all areas of the legal work we do with members of nationally recognised expert groups and bodies.

Empathy - We will spend time with you to understand your needs and circumstances. We recognise that you and your family have unique needs.

In brief, as our slogan says we offer law, fair and square.

For further information about LCF Law and its services please explore our website or email Mark Jones You know it's the right decision!

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