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Do you have Photo FOMO?

It is a fact of life these days that many of us (and I plead guilty to this) are so concerned about archiving our lives on our mobile phones that we no longer seem to live life in the present. This causes its own stresses, one of which is Photo FOMO.

For those of us who are not up to date with the language of the younger generations, FOMO stands for "Fear of Missing Out". Photo FOMO is therefore the fear that we are missing the perfect photo opportunity.


I had an example of this the other Friday evening when I walked down to the Stray in Harrogate at the end of the working day to see what was happening with the UCI World Cycling Championships. I found that there was a race which was in its final stages. A sudden rain shower caused quite a few people to wander off and I found myself in the perfect position, right beside the barriers just along from Bettys. Mobile phone at the ready a cyclist came along and I took a photograph which, to be fair, is not at all bad. A single cyclist alongside Bettys framed against a threatening autumn sky with the last sunlight of the day glistening off the wet road (#romantic). I turned and walked away and, just as I did, a group of around thirty cyclists sailed past. Ever since, I have been thinking about how much better the photo would have looked with a road full of cyclists rather than just one.

Peace of mind

This reminded me of one of our great beliefs at LCF Law. The fear of not knowing what you don't know can be stressful and this applies to your legal affairs as much as anything else. Is there something I should be doing to save tax that I don't know about? Is my Will still right or has something changed since I made it? How would my business run if I lost capacity? If I left my wife for the barmaid from the pub, where would I stand financially? (#notsoromantic). The point is that we recognise that while we are experts in providing legal advice and legal services, our job is about more than that. Ultimately, what we are offering to our clients is to replace FOMO with peace of mind.

We are always happy to talk and it might often be the case that, in fact, there is nothing you need to do but we give our clients considerable benefit from the peace of mind of knowing they have their bases covered.

My advice is therefore that when it comes to your legal affairs it is good to talk to us. When it comes to Photo FOMO my advice is to stick around until all of the cyclists have gone past.

If you have a legal point in your mind come and talk to us. In the meantime, I am off to establish my copyright on the phrase "Photo FOMO".

For further advice or a general discussion contact Mark Jones at ku.oc1717064905.fcl@1717064905senoj1717064905.kram1717064905 or 01423 502211.


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