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Potential redundancy issues? Make sure you get the process right!

The prospect of redundancy fills employers and employees alike with dread. It causes tension in the workplace and sends the rumour mill into overdrive. Liz Henry, Head of the Employment Departmentgives hertop 5 Dos and Don'ts to help you to reduce the difficulties and disruption a redundancy situation can cause to your business;

Where a business faces such a dilemma the best action is to assess the situation promptly and take decisive action to address the issues. Do not delay or ponder too long as that may damage the business and employee relations further. What every business needs is advice and support from someone who has done it before; knows the pitfalls and how to address issues as they are raised by staff.

1. Don't jump the gun
Carefully consider the reasons why you're dismissing an employee. Is it due to redundancy, or are there actually problems with their performance? The reasons for dismissal should always be made clear to an employee, if not, the employer may find themselves liable for an unfair dismissal claim.

2. Do make a plan
Plan out how you are going to roll out the redundancies and who might be affected. Always make sure that you consult with the affected employees to inform them of possible redundancies.

3. Don't set unrealistic deadlines
Don't rush the redundancy process. Mistakes are more likely to happen when unrealistic deadlines are set. Employers should give themselves as much time as possible to complete the process to ensure they comply with their consultation requirements.

4. Do use the right language
Emphasise throughout the process that no final decisions have been made. The word "proposed" should be used at every opportunity.

5. Do train your staff
Ensure that any frontline staff who deal with the redundancy process are properly trained. It's especially important that they fully understand the consultation process.

If your business is faced with potential redundancies, contact Liz Henryon 0113 244 0876 or email ku.oc1716694123.fcl@1716694123yrneh1716694123l1716694123 and she will be able to guide you through the process and offer you the best commercial advice tailored to the needs of your business.

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