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Probate registry wait times continue to increase

Personal Law Specialist Neil Shaw | Lawyer in Bradford

In order to deal with someone's property, money and possessions when they die, you need to apply for probate. This can be a stressful, complicated and time-consuming process for executors who are often in grief. With wait times on the rise, we explain what you can do to get your application processed as quickly as possible at this difficult time.

Seemingly still struggling to catch up since covid, the probate registry has once again increased its estimated time for probate applications to come back, both paper and digital.

The last update we received from Newcastle Probate Registry in October included an average wait time of 22 weeks from the date of application for paper applications. This is an increase from the estimated 21 weeks in June.

If a paper application is stopped, the estimated wait time jumps from 22 to 30 weeks while the case is reviewed.

The average wait time for a digital application currently sits at nine weeks. However, if the case is stopped for review it then takes an average of 21 weeks (up from 19 weeks in August) - more than double the wait time for non-stopped digital applications.

So why are probate applications stopped and how can we help ensure the grant is issued as quickly as possible?

Probate applications can be stopped for various, often avoidable reasons. These include but are not limited to clerical errors, missing documentation, missing executors, queries about the condition of the Will or applications sent off too soon after the information has been sent to HMRC.

At LCF we have strict processes and procedures in place to help ensure that all documentation is supplied correctly and in a timely fashion. This will minimise the likelihood of your application being put on hold and help the probate registry to process it as quickly as possible.

We have a number of offices across Yorkshire employing experienced solicitors and probate professionals who are able to take the complexity out of the process for you.

With no hidden fees, prompt communication and a no-obligation initial meeting, we’ll make things as easy as possible for you at what may be a difficult time.

If you or someone you know requires our probate services, please contact Neil Shaw, Head of Personal Law by emailing ku.oc1720861708.fcl@1720861708wahsn1720861708 or calling our office on 01274 386 992.

Figures from our own communication with probate registry and Today’s Wills and Probate.

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