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Sharia Finance – how does it work in practice?

Sharia Finance Seminar - Thursday 19 July 2018 at 4pm at LCF offices at One St James Business Park, New Augustus Street, Bradford BD1 5LL

Sharia Finance also known as Islamic Finance has in recent years seen substantial growth in the UK property Market. The process of obtaining the funding and also the conveyancing process around this have in the past been considered as complex and time consuming.

Working closely with the representatives of Al Rayan Bank Plc, LCF Residential Limitedis one of only a small number of law firms nationally and of only two firms in the North of England, have been working to streamline the processes and reduce timescales to complete matters.

AL Rayan Bank Plc have further increased its products and services to compete in the national high street funding market, offering a much wider range of products, both in domestic and commercial terms to the Muslim community and also International clients than ever before.

Whilst this is a growing area, there is still very little knowledge in the sector about how the funding works in practical terms, which can have the effect of causing frustration.

Liz Webster of LCF Residential Limited will be hosting along with Hassnain Sajjid of Al Rayan Bank Plc a short seminar;

- to provide an explanation of Sharia Finance and the products that are available to domestic clients, international clients and in the commercial sector
- how the funding works in practical terms.
- to try to expel some of the myths currently in the market place.

The presentation will be followed by an opportunity for you to ask further questions and network with our invited guests.

The Seminar will take place on Thursday 19 July 2018 at 4pm at the above address. Refreshments will be provided.

As we have limited space in our conference room, please can you confirm whether you will be attending.

Kindly RSVP to - Ian Greenwood at ku.oc1716691152.fcl@1716691152doown1716691152eergi1716691152 or call 01274 386581

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