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What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? Why do I need one?

A lasting power of attorney is legal document which gives a trusted member of your family or a professional advisor permission to run your affairs were you to become unable to do so because of infirmity or illness.

Though there are two different types of lasting power of attorney the most common concerns the financial aspect of life.

By setting up a lasting power of attorney we save our friends and family the slow and costly business of applying to the courts to allow them to help us with our financial affairs.

With a lasting power of attorney in place they will be able to access your savings and bank accounts to pay bills and meet living expenses, and release any of your assets to help provide for the costs of medical treatment or long term care. They are able to do this in a relatively short period of time without having to worry about bureaucracy and red tape.

At LCF Law we are here to make your life easier. So let us deal with the preparation of the Lasting Power of Attorney and registration formalities so that it can be used as soon as it is needed.

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Our Info-Burst takes a look at why you should have a lasting power of attorney in place.

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