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Why we changed our name

The legal industry is going through a period of change. It doesn't particularly want to change, but change is being forced upon it. One of the changes is that for the first time non-lawyers can own law firms. This is resulting in new providers of legal services with new ideas. Most law firms are talking about changing to meet the new challenges but very few are doing anything about it. We are.

Like a lot of law firms, our name is a collection of partner surnames and like a lot of other law firms the names are not easy to remember or spell. We found that staff, clients and customers have often referred to us as LCF. Our web address and email address is so we decided to change our name to the name that we are actually known by. We've also added the "Law" so nobody is in any doubt as to what we do. Our name is now officially 'LCF Law' Our web address remains

We have built a new website which is easy to navigate and clearly explains what we do and why you should use us. As you view our web site you'll see how we've really thought about the customer experience. Very shortly we will be turning on our new legal library and FAQs, which will contain over a thousand pages of free legal content. If you've got a legal question, you can go to the library and read all about that subject in simple plain English. It should prove to be a very useful resource.

But it's not just about the name and the website, we're looking at every aspect of our operation. Our clients' and customers' needs are changing and we are changing to reflect these. We have non-lawyers in our team who have brought a new perspective on how we should do business. We continually monitor our performance and that of our staff tosee what level of service we provide.

This is just the start. You will notice other changes during the year. We are always happy to hear from our clients and customers. If you've something to share with me then feel free to drop me an email.

Simon Stell

Managing Partner

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