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Why we dare to be different.

After 25 years of 'Last Cawthra Feather' we changed our name to 'LCF LAW'. Not only did we change our name, we changed our branding and how we work behind the scenes. But this was about much more than just changing our name and logo, because a brand isn't what we say about ourselves, but what other people say about us when we're not in the room.

The legal market is a very competitive market and our customers have lots of choice about where to take their business. Law firms have always struggled to get their message across and end up mostly saying the same thing as each other.

We've taken a positive approach since our rebrand and dared to be different. After all there's no law that says that law firms have to be boring. We'll be doing things that you don't expect law firms to do.

Some of the things we've already done include:

- Before our launch a teaser marketing campaign got people talking and trying to guess who was behind the new mystery brand, even the local press joined in.

- Our clean graffiti campaign throughout Leeds city centre asked people not to visit a mystery website if they were happy with their law firm. People couldn't help themselves and visited

- Our Twitter followers have grown from 100 to over 4500 in less than eight months because we tweet useful information everyday and we very rarely talk about ourselves.

- Our legal and tax library containing thousands of answers to common questions is used by people all over the country and our free UK Legal Hour on Twitter is proving to be very popular.

We make no excuses for being different to attract new customers because the legal market is going through enormous change and we are responding to that change. Have a look at our website, look at the way we communicate and compare it with our competitors.

We provide wide range of legal services and employ great people, but the only way to find what we are like is to try us. We look forward to helping you and surprising you with more creative campaigns in the future.


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