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A guide to getting your clients’ houses in order

Don't miss our FREE webinar that will focus on protecting the family home and keeping assets within the family.

The webinar will take place at 9.30 on Tuesday 20th July and will be hosted by experienced solicitors, Rachel Spencer Robb and Ann Christian, who are both partners here at LCF Law. It will cover key topics advisers often get asked about by their clients.

Inheritance tax is a hot topic and a real worry for people when it comes to selling their family home and making their will. During the webinar, Anne will look at the tax implications and help advisors add value to the conversations they have with their clients. She will also look at the common questions we get asked about funding of care home fees in the future and the implications of what happens when somebody needs to move into a care or nursing home.”

Rachel will cover the legal implications of parents helping their children buy a home. Many first-time buyers are helped onto the property ladder by the ‘bank of mum and dad’ but it is essential that everyone understands where they stand legally. This informative session will enable professional advisors to add value to their own advice to clients, as well as providing useful information on common personal and financial matters often raised by clients.

In addition, we will be talking about pre-nuptial agreements, which are becoming much more common place these days, especially due to the increase of second and third marriages. This webinar will explore these agreements and also cover what happens to a couple’s house when they split up. The division of a family home is often a very contentious issue and getting the best legal advice from an early stage can really help both parties move forward.

To register for the free, Zoom webinar, click HERE

For any information regarding this session or any other aspects of Personal Law, please get in touch with Rachel on 01943 885790 / email ku.oc1713743034.fcl@1713743034bborr1713743034ecnep1713743034sr1713743034 or Anne on 01943 885782 / email ku.oc1713743034.fcl@1713743034naits1713743034irhca1713743034

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