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Constructive co-parenting

Monday 29 November 2021 marks the first day of Resolution’s “Good Divorce Week 2021”. Resolution is a national association comprised of family justice professionals who work closely with families and individuals to help provide practicable solutions to the issues arising from divorce or separation. The Association has implemented “Good Divorce Week” in order to raise awareness of the issues faced in the process of divorce and separation with the primary focus on children and how to minimise conflict during this process. Resolution have provided a free comprehensive guide to assist parents which can be easily accessed here

What is Co-Parenting?

Co-parenting is a term commonly used in the event of a divorce or separation between two or more parties, associated with the sharing of parental responsibilities. For individuals who have just separated or are in the process of separating, the idea of co-parenting can be daunting. On the face of it, individuals may be particularly concerned with how to ‘co-parent’ and whether or not there is a right or wrong way of doing this. Generally speaking, there is no universal approach, as everybody’s situations are unique to each individual and each family, but there are tips on working out how to do this amicably.

Our Family Law Experts, Rachel Spencer Robb and Harjit Rait, who are both experienced Partners and also long-standing members of Resolution.

Rachel is an accredited mediator and is collaboratively trained which means that she helps both parents to create bespoke arrangements for their families that work effectively without court proceedings. Harjit has over 20 years’ experience in dealing exclusively with family law issues that arise upon divorce and/or separation with leading expertise in resolving disputes concerning children. Their experience provides clients with reassurance and guidance through the co-parenting process, with the aim of providing an effective solution for all parties involved.

In support of Good Divorce Week, Harjit and Rachel have committed to offering an unlimited number of initial appointments free of charge for parents seeking advice on any family law related issues during the week commencing 29th November 2021.

To book an initial appointment, either contact Harjit Rait on 01943 601020 or ku.oc1701791867.fcl@1701791867tiarh1701791867 or Rachel Spencer Robb on 01943 885790 or .ku.o1701791867c.fcl1701791867@bbor1701791867recne1701791867psr1701791867

Rachel Spencer Robb is nationally recognised as an expert in her field by independent legal guide Chambers and Partners for the last four consecutive years.

Most recently Chambers UK (2017) stated : Rachel Spencer Robb leads the family law team at LCF Law and "works hard to deliver practical solutions for her clients." Sources consistently emphasise her skills in collaborative proceedings, particularly in relation to divorces. Peers commend her as "articulate and persuasive in meetings; she's a good listener."

For further advice please contact Rachel Spencer-Robb on 01943 885 790 or ku.oc1701791867.fcl@1701791867bborr1701791867ecnep1701791867sr1701791867

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