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Choose the Right Family Solicitor for You

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a family solicitor.

Choosing the right family solicitor can be difficult especially as you are more than likely going through a rough time.

For many the first time they need a solicitor is at the time of a relationship breakdown when emotions are running high and they simply do not know where to turn.

In this video, Harjit Rait gives us some pointers to help make that important decision.

In summary:

  • Obtain recommendations from family and friends, these are priceless.
  • Ask the solicitor for details of their qualifications and experience.
  • Consider their location and if they offer flexible appointments.
  • Does the solicitor offer an initial free consultation and what are the estimated costs of your case?
  • Most importantly do you like the solicitor, do you trust them?
  • The personality of your solicitor and their approach to your case are probably the most important factors to consider.

Here, at LCF Law, we offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements and provide initial advice.


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