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Commercial dispute resolution Solicitor Andrew Donaldson, is on hand to assist with a whole range of commercial disputes, including commercial contracts, commercial agents, directors duties, shareholder disputes, professional negligence, breach of warranties and high-value money claims.

He undertakes a significant amount of work in resolving disputes concerning contracts for goods
and services, mainly where there are issues concerning which terms and conditions have been

To Andrew, being a commercial disputes lawyer means you get to explore all kinds of niche business sectors about which you would otherwise never have learned. He is fascinated by his clients’ businesses, having gained insight into railway maintenance, mining machinery, online sales, transport, commercial laundry and other industries.

Canadian Andrew, obtained a BA in History and Russian Studies at the University of Ottawa, then travelled to Leicester University to do his LL.B. He then moved to London to complete his LL.M/LPC at the University of Law Bloomsbury.

Recently Andrew has worked on a complex contractual matter concerning the fitting of safety equipment at a biomass production facility where the client had assigned the groundwork to a third-party contractor which then failed in their execution of the services. This created a difficult double liability situation where the biomass facility was seeking damages for the failed services, and the contractor was demanding payment. Ultimately, we were able to provide the right guidance to help protect the client’s position.

Andrew once walked alone for nearly 500 miles over 28 days in Northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.