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Why bother with terms and conditions?

LCF Law | Commercial Contracts Lawyers| | Terms and ConditionsNo-one reads the small print – right? Well, a judge certainly will... And that is when you really WILL need your terms and conditions.

If you don’t have any, why is that?

Because your customers never sign them anyway?… That does not necessarily matter – if you structure your contracting process in the right way, they do not necessarily have to.

Because your customers always send you a Purchase Order with their own terms and conditions attached?… Again, if you structure you contracting process in the right way, your terms can still apply to the contract.

The customer never reads them?… It does not matter, they can still be bound by them.

Your customers are all “good eggs” who you would not fall out with?… Show me a business who has never fallen out with an awkward customer: This is what your terms should be protecting you against.

You deal openly and honestly with your customers and do not want to rely on the “small print”? ... What could be more open and honest that setting out in writing exactly what the customer can expect from you, and vice versa?

You’ve traded for years without ever having to rely on terms and conditions? … There is always a first time. Why wait until you are being sued to take action? Why wait until you realise you will not get paid for your work until you do something about this?

You have insurance… This is likely to cover only a fraction of your potential liabilities, and may not even be valid without a robust set of terms and conditions to support it.

And if you are prepared to invest in insurance to manage risk in your business, why are you not prepared to invest in terms and conditions? They are as much a risk management tool as insurance – and only cost a fraction of the total price.

OK – but aren’t lawyers really expensive?…We offer FIXED FEES to draft (or amend existing) terms and conditions.

And if you do already have terms and conditions – well done! But when was the last time you reviewed them? Do they still reflect how you do business? Regular reviews and updates to your terms ensure that they continue to reflect best practice and, more importantly, reflect how your business operates in practice.

What can we do to help?

We offer fixed fees to draft (or amend existing) terms and conditions; as well as providing detailed advice on how to ensure your terms are properly incorporated into your contracts so that you are as fully protected as possible when dealing with your customers. Please contact James Sarjantson on 0113 244 0876 or email ku.oc1717065188.fcl@1717065188nostn1717065188ajras1717065188j1717065188 to discuss.

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