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Multiple Settlement Agreements

Unfortunately, current economic conditions mean many businesses are finding they need to reduce their staff numbers in order to cut costs.  Some of these businesses go on to offer employees an enhanced payment in return for agreeing to sign a settlement agreement whereby they waive their right to bring employment law claims against the company.

If your business is looking at mass redundancies and/or intends to offer multiple settlement agreements, we can help.

We have vast experience of guiding employers through redundancy/restructuring exercises including advising on the selection and consultation processes, providing template letters and drafting settlement agreements.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for lawyers to provide the independent legal advice your employees need to make their settlement agreements binding, we also have significant experience of providing that advice, including in mass redundancy situations.

We recognise that redundancy is a difficult process for your employees to go through so take a sympathetic approach, whilst providing expert legal and practical advice. We're able to advise remotely or to attend workplaces and aim to keep the process as short and simple as possible for all parties involved.  One way we can do this is by agreeing a template settlement agreement with the employer at the outset.  We are also able to provide a single invoice making the administrative side of the process easier for your business.

How we can help

We have significant additional expertise acting for both employers and employees on multiple settlement agreements; particularly planning and managing the logistical and practical difficulties of dealing with a large number of settlement agreements in a short time frame.

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