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Why our colleagues are proud to work for us

Following our inclusion in The Sunday Times Best Places to Work, we explore why our colleagues scored us so highly for instilling pride at work.

Our 30 second video gives an overview of the Sunday Times survey results for LCF Law regarding pride at work.

Our team gave the firm an overall 88% score for instilling pride, which is 19% higher than the industry average.

Advocates: 88% of our team said they would recommend their friends and family to work for LCF Law.
Pride: 89% of our team said they feel proud to work for the organisation.
Meaningfulness: 88% of our team said they do something worthwhile.

Pride at work is about feeling happy and fulfilled in our achievements and those of our co-workers and the organisation. It stems from a deep sense of satisfaction with the work we do, knowing that we’re part of something meaningful and that our contribution is valued.

Proud employees make happier employees. They are more likely to go the extra mile for their clients, colleagues and managers. Without pride, there is little to motivate us to put energy into our work or care about the bigger organisational picture.

Pride is embedded in our culture in a variety of ways, including:


Every individual has something unique to bring to LCF Law and we encourage this. We want to empower, inspire and energise colleagues to do what they enjoy and what they are good at. We want them to feel a part of the firm’s vision and contribute to it.

Managers speak regularly and openly with their teams, encouraging them focus on the work they enjoy and that which makes use of their skillsets. All employees are kept updated on LCF’s goals and strategy and actively encouraged to share their views to help shape the future of the firm.

Corporate social responsibility

What matters to our colleagues also matters to the firm. We want everyone to feel a part of something worthwhile – to know that they are not only supporting their clients and the organisation, but are also contributing towards the greater good.

Each year, we give staff the opportunity to nominate a charity then organise and participate in activities to raise funds for that charity. Our green team is doing lots of good work to reduce our carbon footprint and engaging with colleagues to develop our environmental policy. We do lots of things to give back to our local communities too, like being a part of Bradford City of Culture and volunteering at local foodbanks.

Reward and recognition

We are proud of the work our colleagues do and take steps to make sure they feel seen, heard and appreciated, to nurture their own sense of pride in their work too.

We pay fairly and have regular pay reviews to reward colleagues as they develop. Our online portal gives staff the opportunity to recognise the work of others. We also celebrate long service and recognise special achievements in our quarterly internal newsletters.

We’re proud that our colleagues take so much pride in their work – just one of the many things that make us a law firm you’ll like to work with.

Want to work with us?

The firm offers opportunities to those who join the firm - either as lawyers or support staff - to have a challenging and rewarding career in modern, fully integrated offices. We place great emphasis on personal development and training. View our Careers section to find out more and view our current employment opportunities.

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